free digital newspapers

free digital newspapers

Thanks to the development of technology, many newspapers have joined digital editions even going so far as to put aside the printed edition. Making this decision does not entail any negative consequences for the original and quality content of the news.

The online edition follows the same procedure as the printed edition, using all the tools provided by the internet and computer media. A digital newspaper, contains updated news and new seven days a week and 24 hours a day.

In Spain, there are a wide variety of free digital newspapers that you should take into account in your day to day life to stay informed of everything that happens in the world. Newspapers small or large, they do an extremely good job of getting their readers informed through unique and crafted content.

Written press vs digital press


For some years now, the written press has undergone constant changes and more and more newspapers are opting for a digital version instead of printed. The most direct consequence of these changes is the decline in sales in print newspapers, giving way to the digital format.

One of the most notable differences between the written and the digital version of this means of communication, is that there are many free digital newspapers. Not all the digital press is freely accessible, since several are through subscription and payment of fees to access exclusive news.

Another difference between both versions of the medium is the one that has to do with the update, the digital press is constantly updated, while the printed version has to be updated after each printing process.

Regarding the material or support in which it is published, Newsprint is very sensitive and can easily deteriorate over time. On the other hand, we can access the digital press from any device with an internet connection without any problem.

The fourth difference to point out has to do with the newspaper library, something very important for journalism. In some digital portals, you have the possibility of accessing publications made a long time ago by searching for keywords or links. This process, with the written press, can rarely be carried out unless clippings of important events are kept.

Finally, we want to highlight interactivity and multimedia resources. In the printed newspapers, only images of the events can be found, compared to the audiovisual content of the digital press, audios, videos, high-resolution images, etc.

As we just commented, Another difference is the interactivity between the medium and the reader.. On the one hand, we see that in the traditional press there is a unidirectional communication, while on the other hand in the digital they allow readers to interact through comments.

Free digital newspapers you should know

In this section, We are going to provide you with a list where you can find some of the free digital newspapers more important. If you still do not consume digital press, it is the right time for you to start familiarizing yourself with this online medium.

Thanks to technological advances and having access to both the internet and technological devices, we can consume this type of media.

El País

the country


One of the rigorous newspapers in our country, is one of the most read digital media in the world. It was founded in the Spanish capital in 1976, the digital version appears more than twenty years later.

Minutes 20

Minutes 20

As in many of the newspapers that we are going to talk about, 20 minutes in its printed version is only published from Monday to Friday. If we talk about the digital edition, you will always find updated news on your wall.

It is considered one of the best free digital newspapers in Spain.. It appeared for the first time in 2005 and since then it has achieved a large number of readers, as well as its active presence on social networks such as Instagram.

El Mundo


The Spanish newspaper El Mundo, it is the second most visited in its online version, with more than nine million users. Not only can we consult news on your web portal, but we can also do so by visiting your profile on the Instagram social network.

This digital edition appears in 1995, since its first publication has been working on improving its services, offering new and varied content to its readers.

The Economist

The Economist

Another of the digital newspapers in Spain, was presented in 2006 as an online newspaper specialized in topics related to economics and finance. El Economista has become a reference medium for professionals in the sector.



One of the first digital sports information newspapers in our country. It has come to exceed in number of readers, many of the media that we all know.

The digital portal appears for the first time in 1997, since then has become the most visited sports website in Spain and other countries. In its sports publications you can find content that covers any sports modality, as well as interviews with well-known sports figures from the world of sports.

ace newspaper


In this case, we are talking about another of the newspapers within the top 10 of the most consumed digital media in Spain. As in the previous case, the As newspaper is dedicated exclusively to writing and publishing news related to the sports world.

The Spanish

the Spanish

Exclusively digital and highly successful newspaper. From the hand of the well-known journalist Pedro J. Ramírez, this website emerged in 2015. The story of how this digital newspaper was born is worthy of us all knowing it, and it is that it was born from a crowdfunding campaign. It is the creators and components of this medium who define it as indomitable, hence its logo is a lion.

digital freedom

digital freedom

Spanish digital news portal that has more than 22 years of history. Located among the top 40 Internet media outlets with the most unique visits per day according to the OJD, Office for the Justification of Broadcasting.

They define themselves as an opinion newspaper. They have almost a hundred workers, dedicated to writing relevant news, publishing 12 daily columns. The news updates are constant from the early hours of the morning until the end of the day.

The confidential

The confidential

Specialized in news on economic, financial and current political issues Worldwide. It is a Spanish digital newspaper, aimed at a middle-aged audience. More than 20 years ago this newspaper was created, with the aim of defending the right of the population to know the truth of what is happening around them.

The confidential, has four fundamental pillars when it comes to practicing journalism, one of them is stay independent to any ideology or economic or political group. Another one is the carry out their work responsibly and rigorously, always looking for excellence in what they do.

The third pillar to follow is that its workers understand that success is linked to teamwork, in which communication, respect and a good atmosphere must prevail. Finally, one of its values ​​and principles is to understand that profitability is main for the present, but also for the future.

BBC News – World


It is the most read digital portal in Spanish in the world based in the United Kingdom. On this website, not only can you find news related to the economic or political sector, but it also offers you various reports, opinion articles, testimonials, etc.

Agency 13

agency 13

Founded by three journalism students and where you will find interesting as well as curious news. The growth of this digital newspaper has been growing like foam over time and steadily.

Not only will you find interesting content, but their work is very thorough with a impeccable writing and high-quality visual content.

The evolution that information has undergone has gone through various stages over time, until reaching what we have and see today, digital newspapers. We have in front of us, information media to which we can have access very quickly and easily and that help us to be informed thanks to its valuable content.

In this publication, we have brought you some of the free digital newspapers that we should all know and consult, to keep up to date with all the events that occur worldwide. Digital media are a perfect alternative to find information in seconds, truthful, interesting and quality news.

We must take into account when looking for information on a topic that interests us, that the media we find offer us updated, true information and above all that it provides us with valuable knowledge.

The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here!.

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