How to copy and paste on Mac step by step

How to copy and paste on mac

If we are going to use something at some point on our PC, it is the copy and paste function, so characteristic and present in computers for years.  That is why the first thing we usually look for when we have a new computer is to find how to do this function. Especially when we are looking to copy and paste on Mac, which is usually more complicated.

Although well, this is something that Microsoft operating system computers have normalized, either with the right click or with the shortcuts CTRL + C and CTRL + V. In the case of Mac it is different, since this operating system itself has with its own system of shortcuts that could get complicated.

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Copy and paste on Mac can be chaotic

Once you make the change from Windows to the MAC operating system it is very likely that you feel really overwhelmed taking into account the changes that occur. In the same way, this is not something you should worry about, it is normal for there to be confusion between operating systems. This is because while they share a large number of functions, many differ greatly.

Thus making actions that felt really simple or basic on Windows feel like part of a puzzle on MAC. But this is not really something that lasts long, with the same use of the computer you will notice that the MAC system is truly simple.

Even more so for basic functions such as copying, cutting and pasting, which at first glance, since there is no CTRL key, will seem impossible. But is that MAC has its own key that replaces this and will fulfill the same functions. This key is Command, which is represented next to the space key with a characteristic symbol (⌘).

How can I make use of copy, cut and paste on MAC?

Copying and pasting on MAC is really easy once you know the use and existence of the Command key. Which is designed to create combinations with other keys to thus generate direct links to certain functions of the mechanism. Although well, this will not be the only way to achieve the possibility of copying and pasting a text.

Since according to the need you can copy and paste any text except for specific cases. Such as PDF files that are usually blocked by copyright regulations. Something that many tend to go over when transferring a text from one document to another quickly.

keyboard combinations

The classic way of copying and pasting on MAC using the quick access commands if available. As we have said, to carry it out, the Windows characteristic CTRL key will be replaced by the Command key (⌘). Keeping the C, the X and the V as companions to fulfill the desired function according to the needs at the moment.

That is, to copy you must use Command + C, to cut it will be Command + x and to paste it will be Command + V. Serving as it is in Windows, but with the already named change of keys. Something that will become a habit once you continue using this function and the positioning of the buttons on the keyboard.

All this of course together with the selection of the text, which you must do with the use of the mouse. In the same way, when pasting if what you are looking for is to maintain the same style of the file within its text, you can do it. This giving use of the Shift key together with the already named Command + V.

Menu bar

Another possibility that many take into account to copy and paste on MAC is to use the menu bar offered by writing applications. In it, more specifically in the start button, you will find the cut, copy and paste section according to the selected text.

Thus, considering the possibility of copying even formats of the files that you have available or adjusting the formats so that they coincide. Undoubtedly a recommendation for those who either have not become comfortable with the Command button or theirs does not work on the device.

Using the trackpad

One thing that clearly sets Mac computers apart from Windows are the action possibilities available in conjunction with the trackpad. Unlike computers that use the Microsoft operating system it will not only serve as a mouse. If not, according to certain movements, it presents the possibility of giving access to different functions.

Among those functions is copy and paste on Mac via the trackpad, which can be done in two ways. Such as simply dragging the text to add it to the new file where you need it or using the combination of copy and paste buttons.

Either by using the combination of fingers to comply as left click and right click or by dragging the text. Undoubtedly, learning to use the trackpad can be really difficult for those who do not feel comfortable with so many capabilities. But it is something that if at some point you get the hang of it will totally replace your mouse thanks to the available functions.

Clipboard issues when copying and pasting on Mac

A point that usually generates many problems in the copy and paste system on Mac is the system clipboard. which is nothing more than a folder where everything you have copied is “saved” in the active session. Thus giving the possibility of resorting to it, even if it is not the last thing you copied.

But this can be problem for many users who overload this file folder. So it is usually recommended to constantly empty this folder whenever what is there is no longer necessary. You can do this by restarting the computer as you normally would, thus deleting a kind of cache memory that the computer has. Which could normally be the reason why your computer feels slow or heavy.

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