How to format an iPhone step by step

How to format an iPhone

Apple with its iOS operating system has stood out in the smartphone market mainly because of how customizable this operating system is, but also because of how intuitive and simple it is. Despite this, it does not stop accumulating cookies or residual files that slow down the computer, something that leads us to want to know how to format an iPhone, at least just as a precaution.

Formatting an iPhone is very easy to do, with this you can delete all temporary files on your device to improve its performance, this process is valid and can be applied to any iPhone, although what is recommended before formatting any device is to have the latest version of iOS on our device, or the last one that accepts the iPhone that we are going to format.

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Format an iPhone

Before deciding to format an iPhone, we must take into account that doing this will erase all the data related to it, which is why it is always recommended to make a backup copy of all the files that we want to keep. Although, if you use iCloud and we have enough free space, this will not be a problem, since iCloud makes a relative backup of all the photos you have, calendars, contacts and others automatically on a daily basis.

In the event that you do not use iCloud but still want to make a backup copy of the files that you do not want to delete, you will have to make this copy manually through the computer using iTunes if you have a Windows computer, or with Finder if you have a Mac. iTunes we will have to download it to run it, but Finder will already be found on any Mac we have.

What you will have to do to back up your files is connect your mobile device to the computer, make the backup from the iTunes or Finder app on the computer, once the backup has been made we can proceed with the formatting as normal .

How to format?

Once you have made a backup copy of all the files that you want to keep, as well as the applications that you want to reuse, we start with the formatting of our device. This formatting will make our smartphone return to its factory settings, and from there we will reconfigure it. To format your iPhone you will have to do the following:

  • The first thing will be to go to "Settings" on our iPhone.
  • There you will go down to the penultimate option that comes up, this will be "Reset".
  • By pressing and entering, we will see several options.
    • Hola
    • Clear content and settings
    • Reset network settings
    • Reset keyboard dictionary
    • Reset home screen
    • Reset location and privacy
  • Here we are going to choose the option that best suits what we need. If what we want is to completely format our device, we must click on the "Reset settings" option.
  • After this, we will follow the security steps and that's it, our Smartphone will be formatted.
  • After a few minutes our devices would have been restored and we would have to configure it again.

It is important to know that if we format our device with an iCloud account, when starting, we will be asked for the password of that account to be able to start our device correctly, if what we want is to leave it as factory, it is recommended to close session to all accounts iCloud of the device before formatting it, in this way we make sure that our device starts completely without asking us for any security confirmation after it has been formatted.

Why should I format my iPhone?

iOS allows its users to delete specific data from your device, data related to your location, keyboard, desktop and so on, but the most direct way to delete all your data is through a system format. Although it is not a procedure that is usually done on the main phones that we have, sometimes it can help a lot.

The main reasons why an iPhone should be formatted are as follows:

  • If you want to improve the performance of our device by removing junk files.
  • A common reason for formatting is because our device has a virus, formatting is one of the most direct ways to completely remove viruses from our device.
  • If the device will stop being used and will be given away.
  • If we want to have a previous version of iOs.

Importance of formatting your iPhone

As we mentioned before, it is not common to format an iPhone, but it is something that we might need. It is important to know that a format is not something that we should do frequently, but it could help to improve the useful life of our device.

It is important to format an iPhone at least every 6 months if it is already a terminal that is a bit out of date. By formatting it we can increase its performance, and thus, its useful life for some time, in the same way, it is not so important or advisable to constantly format a newer iPhone to improve its performance, formatting would only be recommended in some additional cases. to this.

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