How to remove the password from a PDF

How to remove the password from a PDF

Either because you had to protect a PDF document, or because they passed it to you and they forgot to give you the password. There are many situations in which you can find yourself on the Internet looking for how to remove the password from a PDF.

Actually There are many ways of doing it, some useful and others that are not able to remove that protection, but here are several ways to do it that may come in handy.

Unprotect a PDF knowing the password

Ways to remove the password to a PDF

Let's think about the assumption that you have the password of that PDF but you don't want to send it with it. In other words, you want that extra protection not enabled so that anyone who opens it can access the information inside.

Believe it or not, it is more normal than you think, since it is done above all with private information that is passed between colleagues or that you do not want it to fall into "bad hands".

Can be removed? Of course, and there are several ways to do it.

With the program itself that put the password

If you have permissions to touch the document 100% it is possible that, using the program with which it was created you can get disable that function. To do this you will have to look in the menu and see if it allows you to access the encryption or protection of the document.

If so, you will surely reach the screen that allows you to set the password or even change it. But you will also have the option to release it, that is, that there is no need to put anything to see that documentation.

With Google Drive

A trick, if you don't have that program, or you can't access it at that moment, is to use Google Drive. It is not difficult, quite the opposite, and the truth is that many use it as a "wild card".

The steps are very simple and start by uploading the document to the cloud. That is, to Google Drive. This document will be uploaded as it is, that is, to open it you will be asked for the password. So the first time you open it you will have to put it. But once you have it open, you can hit "Save as" and ask it to do it in PDF (or if you want it in another format you have the possibility to do it).

The good news is that that new document that you will have saved will no longer have the password. In other words, it will be unlocked, so you can send it to whoever you want without having to give them a password to read it.

online programs

Another possibility you have to remove the password from a PDF is using online tools. And it is that you can find many websites that can skip that protection.

One of them can be Unlock PDF. To do this you must upload your PDF to the server of that website. Then you must click on the Unlock PDF button and here it will ask you for the password (remember that you have to know it for it to work). Once you put it, it will unlock the document and you will be able to download it without problems to send it to whoever you want without using that extra protection.

What if I don't have the password?

PDF file

It may be that the document you have needs a password and you do not have one. Does it mean that you will never be able to open the document? Of course not, it's not that.

However, although we are going to tell you about some programs and websites that you can use, they will not always achieve that goal, unlock the document. It is true that they bypass the protection, but depending on how that PDF is created, they will have better or worse success.

Another point to keep in mind before doing anything is understand the risk involved in uploading a document to the Internet which may contain private information. Once you leave it on the third-party servers, you really don't know what can happen to this document. So if it is quite important, you should try other options first.

If there is no problem, here we leave you several websites to unlock the PDF.


This is one of the first results when you google for ways to remove passwords from PDF's. It is quite powerful and the only thing that will ask you is to upload the file to their servers to then work with it and remove the password.

If it is successful, it will return an unlocked document. If not, it will tell you that it has not been able to remove it.

PDF Unlocker Freeware

We could say that It is one of the most used by many. And it is that it has a plus that in other pages you will not be able to find: the possibility that the author of that PDF retains its intellectual rights.

For you to understand; this program will unlock the document so you can see what's inside. You can even edit it. But the rights to that PDF are still held by the author.


Another website that you can use to bypass the PDF password is this one. Of course, they already warn on their page that, although they can unlock most PDF's, when it has a strong enough encryption it is impossible to do it, and you will need to know the password.

And how it works? Similar to all the others, that is, you have to upload the PDF and check the box that says “I promise that I have the right to edit this file and remove its password”. You give unlock PDF and after a few seconds or minutes (depending on the size of the document) you will be able to download a free version.

PDF Crack / Soda PDF

3 files

Here you have another possibility. It is quite efficient because the algorithms it uses try to force the unlocking, and unless the document is very well encrypted, the truth is that it will skip it.

If you have noticed, we have put two names and it is that it has changed its name and instead of the first one by which it was known, now it is "another name" but with the same tool.

There are actually many pages that you can try to “crack” a PDF password with. Depending on how strong it is protected, they will serve you or not. But it is convenient to know different ways to remove the password to a PDF. Do you know any more effective and that has never failed you?

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