Partitioning Hard Drive How to create it correctly?

Partition a Hard Drive is what we will talk about in this article, where we will detail how to achieve it so that you have all your files organized in the best way.


Partition Hard Drive

Nowadays it is important to have the hard drive of our PC organized, because so much information is handled that it is necessary to have it safely stored, and for that we are going to teach you how to partition the hard drive of your PC. Here we are going to teach you how to make these hard drive partitions in the Windows 10 operating system.

The Windows 10 operating system is the most used today, but previous versions of Windows will also work for you. You can also use external USB hard drives or pen drives, in fact it is not necessary to erase data that you have stored inside the hard drive.


To partition the hard drive you require the following steps:

Make room before creating partitions:

This is a step that will only be used if you are going to use a hard drive that has information on it. The first thing we have to do is reduce the volume of our free space that remains to create partitions and use them later.

For this we must access the Windows 10 disk management tool and we just have to right-click on the start button and select disk management. Later, a window will open that will show us a list of all the storage units connected to the equipment at the top.

Showing you a visual layout of your volumes and partitions at the bottom. You must select the disk you want to use, right-click and select reduce volume.

Next, a wizard will open where we will be asked how much capacity we want to free. Windows will always ask us to always leave spare space in the remaining partition that was left, and with this we will leave free space without partitioning with the size that we select.

After we have reduced the volume, we will see that the hard drive that we selected appears at the bottom with an area shaded in blue with the name of the unit and a shaded area in black to its right that will say unassigned.

Create partitions on the Hard Drive:

In this case we are going to locate ourselves in that unallocated space to create all the partitions we want. This can also be done on a new Hard Drive that we have installed on the PC, since it will also show us all the space as unallocated.

We just have to right-click on the black area and we will select a new simple volume, after this the wizard will appear, asking us what size we want the volume to be. Therefore you will select to use the available unallocated space, but if we need to make several partitions we will put less.

In the next step, the wizard will ask us if we want to assign a specific drive letter, what file system we will use and what name we want to give it. It is recommended to leave everything as this, except for the volume label where we must write a specific name that will be used in the partition.

This process can be repeated as long as there is still unallocated space and creating different partitions each time we do it. After this we will see that the computer has each of the partitions that we have created as if they were independent hard drives, each with its name and size that we have selected when creating the partition.

Advantages of hard disk partition

Among the advantages that we can mention about the use of Hard Disk Partition we can name the following:

  • When the operating system fails, you may not be able to access the drive where the operating system that failed is installed, but you can enter the rest. So having at least two partitions is recommended.
  • In order to install multiple operating systems, you will need multiple partitions.
  • You get improved team performance.
  • Having multiple partitions will facilitate hard drive maintenance, error checking, and hard drive defragmentation.
  • And finally, having several partitions helps us to have a better organization in our personal files.

To finish this article, we will show you in a simple way how to organize your personal files by means of a Hard Disk Partition inside your PC. What will make it easier for you to have your data better organized and will solve you in case of access problems to the system.

Additionally, we will leave you the following link so that you can continue learning about Hard Drive configuration Hard drive configuration

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