Here are the steps to recover TikTok account

Recover TikTok account if you don't remember the password

Imagine the following situation. You take your phone, you go to the TikTok application, you enter and suddenly your account is gone. You have to go back in. But you don't remember your data, do you know how to recover TikTok account? What to do in those cases?

Don't worry, you have us to give you a guide of some assumptions in which you can find yourself so that you can solve it the best possible.

Why should I recover a TikTok account?

TikTok account

If you are like 99% of people, you will surely have the TikTok session open on your mobile all the time so you don't have to enter your username and password every time you want to log into the app.

However, it can happen that you change phones, that the app has received a big update and has closed you session or, worse still, that your account has been blocked or suspended.

In these cases, recovering the TikTok account is important and the truth is that you can solve it. But everything will depend on what happened.

Recover TikTok account if you have been blocked

Let's solve the first case. That is, you have entered your TikTok app and suddenly a notification has appeared that says “We have permanently blocked your TikTok account.”

After the scare that you are going to get, that you will get, you should think about whether you have published something that has violated the rules of use. Here are two assumptions:

That you have inflicted: that is, that you have done something that was not allowed in the app. If so, we are sorry to tell you that It will be almost impossible for you to get it back. You can try, but if the TikTok has seen that you have broken the rules it is likely that it will not allow you to recover that account (although normally you will be suspended and, if you violate them again, then you lose it permanently).

That you have not done anything: in this case it would be a TikTok error and you have a chance that you regain access again.

What to do if you want the decision to be reviewed? Well, first you must Click on a “Review Request”. This will open a series of screens that you will have to follow to provide data and for TikTok to check if you have made a mistake. It usually takes about 24 hours to reply. So be patient.

Another option, if you prefer to do it online, is access TikTok contact in this link. You will have to fill in the email (put the one you had linked to the network) and optionally the username.

Then you must choose “Block / Suspension of my account”. Now you must write what problem you have in the section “Can we help you?”. Try to be direct but giving details. You can also attach multimedia files to support what you say.

Finally, click Send and wait for them to respond after a while.

As we tell you, the last word has TikTok. In other words, even if you think you haven't done anything, they may not want to go back on the decision they made.

Recover TikTok account if you don't remember the password

app logo

Another case in which you may find yourself is that you are going to log in and you do not remember what is the password that has the account. It is more common than you think because, as we usually have the session open on mobile phones and computers, when you change you do not remember what password you had (especially if a long time has passed).

Fortunately, this is very easy to fix since you only have to click when logging in on the question that comes just below where you put the password: "Forgot your password?".

Once you give it there it will ask you to reset it as long as you give it the phone number or email that you have linked to the account.

Now, if you joined TikTok through another social network, beware, because then you will have to go to that other network to be able to reset the password (That is why it is recommended to always register independently). This is because many join with Facebook or Instagram data without realizing that this later compromises further entry into the network independently.

Recover a TikTok account that you deleted

Another situation that you can experience is that, due to an outburst, or an oversight, you have deleted your account (when you did not want to). when you do that, it is supposed to be a definitive action, but in reality it is not and there is always a solution).

And it is that, even if you ask to delete the TikTok account, the company does not do it immediately, but it takes about 30 days to do it definitively. Therefore, if during those 30 days, anytime you log in to your account, you can reactivate it. This is practically the same as on Instagram, which can also happen.

And what happens if the 30 days have passed? Well, it's going to be more difficult to recover it, but you can always try to talk to TikTok support in this link  to see if they can do anything to get the account back.

Recover a TikTok account without knowing password, username, email or phone


There is a fourth assumption that you should also take into account, although in this case We already warned you that it will have a very negative result.

And it is that if you have a TikTok account but you do not remember the password, or the username, or the email with which you registered, or your phone, then you have it very black. And it is that, if at least one or two of those data, you will not be able to do anything.

Note that also It's a way to keep your account from being stolen. If you don't have any of that data, the only thing you could do is to try with the phones you have or with the emails in case one is the one you gave for the account. Yes, it will take time, but with some luck you might get it.

Now you know all the ways you have to recover a TikTok account, have you ever encountered another situation? How did you solve it?

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