How to remove the concealer from WhatsApp step by step

How to remove concealer from WhatsApp

We know that sometimes when we are writing colloquially, the autocorrect it can play us a bad game or run out of patience by correcting these words quickly. As also, when one of these is not saved or is not used frequently and the phone, tablet or computer does not detect it, it changes it completely. This can be quite annoying and therefore people choose to remove concealer from WhatsApp.

For this reason, in this article we will be talking about the steps to follow so that you can easily achieve it. That way weapons, you'll also know how to turn it back on in case you need it again.

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Steps to follow to remove the WhatsApp concealer

Many people ask this question because no matter how many times we enter WhatsApp settings, we will never achieve it. For that reason, here we have brought an instruction guide that you must follow exactly to be able to remove concealer from WhatsApp in a few minutes. And to have more complete information, we will leave the information of various methods for both iPhone and Android.

That way it will be much easier to locate the information and you won't have to search other websites for the methods to do it for one operating system and another.


In the case of this operating system, the first thing we must do is go to the Settings part, where we will go to the Keyboard section. Once there, then we are going to proceed and select the autocorrect disable-enable part. It is very easy to do, although it does not ensure that WhatsApp is configured that way; on some iPhone phones it does, as there are others that don't.

For this reason, we will be explaining other methods so that you can choose which one has worked for you in order to remove concealer from WhatsApp.


We will do almost the same procedure as in iPhone, in this case we will go to the Settings section and We are going to go to the last options of the menu called Systems. There we will get the spell check option and we will press the deactivation button. This is generally an option that is already predetermined in all mobile phones of any operating system; however, some people don't like it.

Therefore, here we have brought a variety of different methods to apply for each specific case.

How to remove the predictive keyboard in WhatsApp?

It is also one of the biggest problems we have when it comes to writing on WhatsApp, because sometimes he puts words we don't want; or in other cases, it bothers us to see the possible options for a set of them. But do not worry because there is also the option of being able to remove it.

Next, we will be explaining in the same way how you can do it in the easiest and fastest way for both operating systems.


When we refer to the iPhone operating systems, in order to deactivate the WhatsApp predictive keyboard, the first thing we must do is go to Settings. Once there, We are going to select the General option and then the Keyboard option; Then we will look for the predictive or prediction option and we will deactivate the tool or function.

It is practically the same procedure that is done to remove concealer from WhatsApp. In this way, when writing, the words will no longer appear on the keyboard when we are writing.


Although it may be a little different for each Android model; Well, the operating systems in this case they tend to change a bit depending on the type of phone we have. However, among the general instructions that we can find to do so are to go to the Settings section on our mobile device.

Next, we are going to select the keyboard option and look for where it says Predictive; there we press the button to deactivate the telephone function and thus we will no longer have that tool when we are writing. It's relatively similar to all the steps above, but with a different operating system.

Why is it better to remove the WhatsApp concealer?

It may seem like an unnecessary action to some people; however, if we are used to writing quickly without looking much at what is reflected on the screen, once the message is sent it can be quite annoying to see the results. For this reason, most young people in any case choose to deactivate the option and remove WhatsApp concealer.

That way they don't have to deal with the possibility of having a hard time writing a message where many words are automatically corrected. This also happens a lot on occasions where you want to abbreviate some words to speed up the writing of the text. And of course, if we have the concealer activated, this possibility cannot be given.

Can the WhatsApp checker be reactivated?

The answer is yes; For example, if at any time we want to reactivate the WhatsApp checker option on our phone, All we have to do is perform the same procedure. That way it is much easier and we already have prior knowledge of what are the steps to follow to achieve it.

This is also beneficial for companies that sometimes use terms in English or another language; even for the names of some other brands that the keyboard does not recognize and therefore it is much more difficult to send a specific type of information. Therefore, knowing what are the steps to follow in order to do so is essential.

Currently, there are few pages that have information regarding this type of procedure because they are very basic steps that people generally know. But there are some who have just entered the world of technology and therefore do not know what all the functions are and how to activate or deactivate them. Therefore, making these guides will always be a total success in all aspects; Well, we are helping them to achieve this objective.

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