Where to download free epub that are not pirated?

Where to download free epub that are not pirated

When you have an ereader, or ebook, as it is commonly called, it is normal that you have books in its memory to read. You know that you can buy, but what if we told you that there are also places to download free epubs that are not pirated?

If you want to increase the number of books to read without harming the author of these, below we are going to give you a list of places where you can find free books to enjoy your passion for books without spending a cent. Shall we start?


The first stop we are going to make is Amazon. As you know, it is one of the platforms where you find the most books. And, in addition to those published by publishers, many authors also self-publish their novels and, sometimes, these are better than the books published by publishers.

Well, you should know that Amazon It has many free books, some permanent, and others temporary. We explain, you can download free epubs that are not pirated because the authors themselves (or even publishers) make certain titles free for a limited time.

For example, some authors usually make their novel free on book day. Others for the summer or Christmas season.

If you want to take a look, I recommend that you put free books in the search engine and you will get Kindle at zero price. Of course, every day they can change, some disappear and others appear. But be careful, because sometimes it is addictive and in the end you fill up with many books that you won't have time to read.

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The book house

The book house is one of the best-known bookstores in all of Spain. And it has a presence in many parts of the country, in addition to having an online presence. We are going to stick with the latter because it has a special page where you can find free ebooks.

That is, The bookstore itself offers a series of books that you can download for free and that they are not going to be pirates at all. Furthermore, they are not books by little-known authors, but you could find books by Marisa Sicilia, Santiago Posteguillo, Albert Espinosa or even Risto Mejide.

It is true that they do not have as many books as on Amazon, but many of them will catch your attention because they are works by more famous authors.


Elejandría is one of the examples of websites where you can download free epubs that are not pirated. In reality, it has a catalog of more than fifteen hundred books. Many of them are classics, hence they are in the public domain. But you can also find some more modern books.

If you're looking for these types of books, you'll have better luck finding them here than elsewhere.

Instituto Cervantes

The Instituto Cervantes allows you to borrow any books you want from the digital library (you always have a limit, but it's a matter of borrowing one, reading it, returning it, and checking out another).

Now, in order to take out a loan it is necessary to become a member. And here is where you have a little bump: Becoming a member is not free. It costs 14 euros per year, which compared to what other private book lending services cost, the truth is that it pays off. but that's where you get a little payment for reading. If you use it a lot you will make it profitable very soon, but if not, it is money that you will not get back.

It also has audiobooks in Spanish of classic and contemporary books, in case you are looking for that format as well.

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And speaking of libraries where you can read free books and download free epubs that are not pirated, you have eBiblio. We can tell you that this is totally free and All you have to do is get your library card. (in person, yes). But then you can read in the browser, in the app, offline...

Depending on the eBiblio you have (since it goes by autonomous communities) you will have a more or less updated catalog. For example, in Andalusia they do not release as many weekly titles as in Madrid (where they buy many books a week there).

And before you ask yourself, no, if you have an eBiblio card in Madrid, Andalusia, Catalonia... you cannot withdraw from other autonomous communities. You would have to go there and get your card and, to do so, you must be registered in that community.

Google Books

Like Amazon, you can also upload books to Google Books. And read them. And buy them. But what not many know is that in this Google library you can find free epub to download without being pirated. In fact, you can find a section where all these books are compiled.

It is true that there may not be many, and they may also be more classic, not modern, but it is another option to take into account.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg, or also known as Project Gutenberg, is one of the oldest book pages because it was created in 1971 (before ebooks even became famous). Well, it has more than 60.000 different books. And we recommend it for one reason: download free epub in different languages.

If you are studying English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese... and you need reading to improve the language, here you can find many options.

It does not require registration and you will not only find it in epub, but in other formats.

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We finish with another website where you can find free books. In fact, it is very well known and very active because every week it adds new books. Of course, unlike the previous one, you will have to register here, but it is very worth doing, especially because it also has a community through forums to encourage people to talk about a common topic.

As for your library, It has more than 34.000 different books and is increasing. Here you can find more modern books, not just the classics, and by well-known authors. It's worth taking a look.

As you can see, there are many places to download free epubs that are not pirated. This way you can enjoy your passion for books and have readings for your daily life. It is true that they may not be the launch titles, although in libraries you would have access to these much earlier. Do you know any more?

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