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emoji to copy and paste

More and more people end up expressing themselves through emojis. They have become fashionable and in almost all conversations on social networks, WhatsApp and other written platforms, emojis are part of the "language". Even the RAE has accepted them. Therefore, having emojis to copy and paste is common.

In this case, we want to help you be more active with emojis and we have done a search for pages with emojis to copy and paste so that you have variety to express yourself in many different ways. Do you want to know which pages we have chosen? Check it out.


In this case, it is an article from Publydea in which They give us more than a thousand emojis and emoticons to copy and paste, also free. It also includes flags which, although not commonly used, can be useful in some situations.

The emoticons that you will see are very common, in fact they are the ones that you can find on your mobile or on social networks. But one or the other can come in handy to have close by (in addition to the fact that there are some extras that will be very helpful (for example, a snowman with Christmas lights)).

You find it here!.



In this case it will not be 1000 emojis to copy and paste but more than 3000 that you will find on this page. Also, something that we really liked about the page is that you not only have the emojis, but it also gives you the meanings, something that comes in handy since sometimes we use symbols that can be misinterpreted.

Another of the benefits of this page is in the fact that They have known how to organize the emojis at times, and not all scattered (sometimes it is quite difficult to find the one you want or need). It also has some exclusive ones that you can't find on other sites like a moon gazing ceremony emoji, or fireworks and sparklers.

You have it here!.


Another of the emoji pages to copy and paste is this one in which they first give us a brief explanation about them, and how they appeared, and then give us several categories and, from each one, obtain examples of emojis.

To copy them, just press the emoji with a white background and it is copied automatically.

It doesn't have too many, and although they try to give a break from the emojis, it can seem a bit messy, but the truth is that the drawings look quite good (because they are big) and that helps you to distinguish the details well so as not to make mistakes.

You have it here!.


emoji list

Here we have another page of emojis to copy and paste that what it does is collect the different emojis that we know, in addition to flags, and They are presented to us by category. (the same ones that can appear on social networks or on messaging platforms).

You have some that are original, but not too many. Even so, do not lose sight of it because they can come in very handy for your texts, especially for social networks.

You have it here!.

get emoji

We continue with pages that you should have on your radar and in this case it is the turn of Get emoji. It's a fairly user-friendly website and it has some emojis that you won't see anywhere else.

Like the others, he is organized in a similar way to what you know (faces and people first, food, animals, trips, activities, objects, symbols and flags).

It has a lot of the first group and stands out above all in that it divides many emojis according to the person's skin color, something you don't see on other sites.

You can see her here!.



In this case, it is an article that has been published on this website and where we are going to find not only emojis, but also symbols for social networks, both the most sober and the most common ones that are seen in them.

They are divided by groups, which makes it easier to find the one you want, although they are emojis a little small in size (we assume that they caught more).

You have it here!.

Emoji copy and paste

This website, as its name indicates, is focused on offer the “most complete library of emojis”. It has more than 800 emojis updated and ready to copy and paste, whether it is for a post, for a document or for whatever you need.

Apart from the emojis, it also has other tools that do not hurt to take into account.

You have it here!.


Another of the emoji websites to copy and paste is this one that we present to you. It has a layout similar to Get emoji and divides the emojis in a very similar way.

As for their number, no doubt there will be more than a thousand emojis to choose from, most of them the usual ones that you find on social networks or in messengers.

In addition, it warns you that if the emoji does not appear as it should, then it is not supported by the operating system (it is something that can avoid problems such as that it does not appear in the publications (even if we have put it)).

You have it here!.



On this page you will find emojis to copy and paste of all kinds. They are not divided by categories, but they are all listed continuously but you will find emojis with different skin colors.

You have it here!.

pretty handwriting

We wanted to include this website that, although it is not directly about emojis to copy and paste, it does allows you to put a word and it gives you several options of letters and emojis which gives it an original touch. It can be used for Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram... or to give that creative aspect to whatever you want.

Of course, we do not recommend that you put long words or extensive phrases because then it will recharge too much.

You have it here!.


This is the last of the emojis pages to copy and paste that we leave you in which They collect all the emojis used on iOS, Android, OSX and Windows. They divide them into emoticons and emotions, people and body, skin tone and hairstyle, animals and nature, food and drink, travel and places, occupations, objects, symbols and flags.

You have it here!.

Do you recommend any emoji website to copy and paste?

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