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Plex IPTV Apps for PC

It is becoming more and more common to use a PC or a laptop to watch TV. Well because we like to watch it away from home, because we want to enjoy TV in a room that does not have an antenna, etc. That's why IPTV apps for PC have become a constant search for many users.

And for this reason, here we are going to leave you some of the best IPTV applications for your computer that are capable of offering free broadcasts of any channel, both national and international. Do you want to know some of them?

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player IPTV Apps for PC

We could say of her that is one of the most complete, versatile and compatible of all which we can meet. I know It is an open source application, which means that anyone who can improve it is free to do so in order to have a more useful application.

It is completely free and that has made many use it to offer the opportunity to watch thousands of channels through the PC.


We cannot tell you anything bad about this IPTV, because it's actually pretty good, so much so that we're talking about a media player. Supports 4K, MP4, MKV, DVD, MP3, FLAC… and many more.

To download it you have its official website and it will not only serve you to watch videos, but also to listen to music.


East is perhaps the right one if what you want is to have a repertoire of 30.000 channels, among which sports and original films stand out. To do this, you only need to download the application, have Internet and a compatible device. And that's it.


Plex is another of the IPTV applications for PC to take into account due to how complete it is. And it is that you are going to set up your own media server in which you will see movies, series, live television, but also podcasts, music...

Now, it has a small flaw, and that is that if you only want to play the IPTV channels, it won't do it (you can only play the videos that are stored on the computer).



Kodi is another of the best known and used IPTV. In it you can have content through streaming and you can watch movies, series and many other things.

The download is free and it is easy to use since it acts almost as if it were a computer, so finding the movies, series and others is just a matter of looking at the different folders it has.

Of course, at the beginning it can saturate a bit because It's not easy to understand but once you do, it will be all “sewing and singing”.

Simple TV

Simple TV

This is a version to watch TV online. In addition, it has a player that is very reminiscent of VLC but is actually an updated version of it. And it greatly improves playback.

In addition, you can load categories and play according to your tastes, which makes everything much easier and faster.

IPTV Smarters

Within the IPTV applications for PC that you can have, this is considered one of the best to have DTT on your computer and, in this way, watch any television channel, only on the computer. Yes indeed, also available for smartphone (so you can watch TV wherever you want).

Apart also has the ability to load playlists from the computer, import them, and thus be able to see everything you want.

The only bad thing is that the organization is conspicuous by its absence. It is the most problematic of this IPTV and also It is one of the applications that is closest to the line between legal and illegal.

Another point against it is its support, which is not one of the best.

ProgDVB / ProgTV

Imagine that you come home at night, check the television schedule and it turns out that there are two channels that you would love to watch at the same time because they show something that you want. But, unless you put on two screens and are able to distinguish the audio from one of the other, it is impossible.

Well, With this IPTV application you will have one of the extra functions that will help you with your problem: record television.

It is a universal application and they consider it one of the best for watching digital television, as well as to listen to the radio. And although their name seems to be followed, they are actually two different programs, each with its own interface, although they work together in the same application.


Other IPTV applications that you can use to watch live channels. In fact, best of all is that you can play in different formats (45 to be exact) including streaming.

Yes, if you want to use it on Android you will need a PC emulator because if not, it doesn't work.

Free TV Player

Here you have an application to watch TV channels on your computer without worrying about ads (except those that the channels themselves cast, of course). It is said to be one of the best for IPTV lists.

All you have to do is download the application, install it and enter it. Then, with a double click you will have the channel you want to watch without problems. Of course, as long as they are open (remember that they are legal and try not to have content that could close the program).

Is it legal to use IPTV apps for PC?

It is completely normal for you to ask yourself this question, especially because when using something that is "free" we often think that it borders on illegality. But the truth is that what technology is is completely legal. In other words, using IPTV is legal and in fact many telecommunications operators used it for their pay channels.

Now, the use that you give to that technology already falls on you. In other words, if you configure it to watch pirate channels, or similar, the responsibility is already yours. But what the base is, which is what we have talked about, it is not bad and you can use it without problems.

You already know the different IPTV applications for PC that there are, although surely with the passage of time many will disappear and a few others are born and can improve the ones we have. Do you use any? Do you recommend another one that we have not commented on?

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